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What are the products of Gold Gourmet made of?

Gold Gourmet products are made of real gold leaf (E175) and silver leaf (E174).

What does E174 and E175 stand for?

In order to simplify the labeling on foods, the European Union has given each food additive a so-called E-number. E174 is the E number for silver leaf. E175 for gold leaf.

Can you actually eat gold leaf and silver leaf?

Yes, gold leaf and silver leaf are edible and approved as food by the European Union.

What do gold leaf and silver leaf taste like?

Gold leaf and silver leaf are completely tasteless and can not be felt in the mouth. Nevertheless, they leave a lasting impression on every gourmet lover.

Is it difficult to use edible gold leaf and silver leaf?

The processing of gold gourmet gold leaf and silver leaf is simple. In our store, you will find the tools that we like to use ourselves and recommend to our customers so that you will be able to do it right from the start.

In case you have any difficulties, we will be happy to help you. Simply contact us through our contact form.

How much gold and silver is recommend for decorating?

The amount of leaves, flakes or dust you need for decorating depends entirely on your taste. You can already create dreamlike delicacies with just one gold leaf or a few flakes.

What amount of gold leaf and silver leaf is safe for consumers?

There is no prescribed amount for edible gold leaf and silver leaf. However, since these are not classic foods, consumption should be limited to a reasonable amount. The decoration of food and beverages is therefore completely safe.

Why does Gold Gourmet not offer 24K gold leaf to eat?

24 karat gold is very soft, which makes flakes and powders clump together quickly and decorating food almost impossible. The Gold Gourmet gold flake, on the other hand, stands out with its excellent volume and reflection.

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Are gold leaf and silver leaf vegan?

Yes, all Gold Gourmet products are vegan.

Is gold leaf safe for people suffering from allergies?

If you have any known allergies, we recommend consulting a physician before consuming gold leaf and silver leaf. Until then, you should refrain from consumption.

Is Gold Gourmet gold leaf and silver leaf Kosher?

Yes, all our products are Kosher certified. The certificate can be found here.