Edible gold leaf to buy directly from the manufacturer

Our customers – passionate chefs, pâtissiers, food artists, producers and purveyors – rely on our gold leaf to highlight their creativity and to maximize value for their offerings. Add the unforgettable glamour of GoldGourmet to your next culinary masterpiece.
Edible Gold Leaf

Genuine Gold for Decorating Food and Drinks

Genuine edible gold leaf, makes food and beverages stand out and increases their value. For 20 years, Gold Gourmet has been producing the finest edible gold leaf products for chefs, pâtissiers, food artists, producers and purveyors. Regular external audits guarantee food safety in our certified facility in Germany.

Happy customers in over 55 countries use GoldGourmet® gold leaf products to highlight their culinary masterpieces. For those who want their creations to stand out and increase the value of their products, we invite you to take a look at our website and find out if edible gold leaf suits your culinary projects.

GoldGourmet edible gold leaf sheets
Edible Gold Leaf Sheets Loose / Transfer
GoldGourmet edible gold leaf flakes
Edible Gold Leaf
GoldGourmet edible gold dust
Edible Gold
GoldGourmet edible gold Quadratus
Edible Gold
GoldGourmet edible gold Filament
Edible Gold
GoldGourmet edible gold hearts
Edible Gold
GoldGourmet edible silver leaf sheets
Edible Silver Leaf Sheets
Loose / Transfer
GoldGourmet edible silver flakes
Edible Silver
GoldGourmet edible silver dust
Edible Silver
GoldGourmet edible gold box
Edible Gold
GoldGourmet shaker for edible gold leaf and silver leaf
Shaker for Edible Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf
GoldGourmet tongs for gold leaf
Tongs for
Gold Leaf
GoldGourmet Gold leaf brush
Gold Leaf



Are gold leaf and silver leaf edible?

Yes, gold leaf and silver leaf are edible and accepted as food by the European Union.

Where do GoldGourmet products come from?

As a tested and certified manufacturer of edible gold leaf, we produce all our products ourselves in our HACCP-certified gold leaf factory in Germany. To protect people and the environment, we only buy gold and silver through a verified conflict-free supply chain.

What are the products of GoldGourmet made of?

GoldGourmet® products are made of genuine gold leaf (E175) and silver leaf (E174).

What does E174 and E175 stand for?

To simplify food labeling, the European Union has given each additive an E-number: E174 is for silver leaf, E175 is for gold leaf.

Is it difficult to use gold leaf sheets?

Handling gold gourmet gold leaf is simple with the right tools. In our store you’ll find the tools that we like to use ourselves and recommend to our customers, so you can do it right, from the start.

In case you have any difficulties gilding your delicacies, we will be happy to help you. Simply contact us through our contact form.

How much gold is recommended for decorating?

The quantity of Leaves, Flakes or Dust you need for decorating/ gilding depends entirely on your preference. You can create dreamy delicacies with just one gold leaf or a few gold flakes.

What amount of gold leaf and silver leaf is safe for consumers?

There is no prescribed consumption amount for gold leaf and silver leaf. However, consumption should be limited to a reasonable amount for occasional decoration of food and beverages.

Why does GoldGourmet not offer 24K (karat) edible gold leaf?

24 karat gold is very soft, which makes flakes and powders clump together quickly and decorating foods almost impossible. The Gold Gourmet gold flake, on the other hand, stands out with its excellent volume and reflection. -> Read full article.

Are gold leaf and silver leaf vegan?

Yes, all Gold Gourmet products are vegan.

Is gold leaf safe for people suffering from allergies?

If you have any known allergies, we recommend consulting a physician before consuming gold leaf and silver leaf. Until then, you should refrain from consumption.

Are GoldGourmet gold leaf and silver leaf kosher?

Yes, all our products are Kosher certified. The certificate can be found here.

Edible gold leaf for cake?

Gold leaf makes a great decoration on sweet desserts like cakes (e.g.: wedding cake, birthday cake, … ), chocolate and candy. It is an easy way to add unforgettable glamour to your next culinary masterpiece.

How much is shipping of GoldGourmet products?

Unfortunately we don’t have an international online shop for GoldGourmet products yet. So if you are interested in our products but live outside of Germany, please send us an inquiry  including your address details and we will be happy to find the best shipping / delivery option for you in your country.

Did yo know?! You can easily create an inquiry list using the quote feature in our shop. Simply add all items you are interested in to a list by clicking the ‘Add to Quote’ button. Then forward us the list and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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