Why is there no edible gold 24K?

We often get asked why Gold Gourmet does not want to produce and offer its products in 24K gold?

The answer is simple:

During the production process, we first beat the edible gold into very thin leaves, some of which are then further processed into flakes and powders in various particle sizes. Since edible gold 24K does not contain any additional components, the thin leaves are very soft and almost “sticky”.

This is called a cohesion. The cohesive forces are from electric origin and are also known as van der Waals forces named after the Dutch physicist Van der Waals.

This is the reason why edible 24K gold leaves and edible 24K gold flakes basically clump together. Both the leaves and the flakes easily stick together and are not recommended for further use in the kitchen and in the chocolate and alcohol industry.

But there is a solution

Since we do not want to offer any defective products to our customers for edible gold leaf we developed a solution:

Instead of 24K gold leaf, we now offer an optimized alloy with 23K. By adding a minimal amount of copper and/or silver, the hardness of the material is slightly increased which positively changes the cohesive forces. As a result, the edible gold leaf does not stick together and the final gold flake has an excellent volume.

The result is high quality and visually flawless. 23K edible gold leaf as well as 23K edible gold flakes are easy to work with, making your delicatessen a visual highlight.

Now it’s up to you to amaze your guests and customers with edible gold leaf!

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