Why is there no edible gold 24K?

Why is there no edible gold 24K? Header banner

We’re often asked why GoldGourmet® does not offer 24K edible gold products.

The reason is simple:

During the production process, we first beat the edible gold into very thin leaves, which may befurther processed into flakes and powders in various particle sizes. Since edible gold 24K has no additional components, the thin leaves and flakes are very soft and tend to clump.

The cohesive forces causing this are electrical, and known as Van de Waals forces, named for the Dutch physicist. Because of this, 24K leaf is not recommended for use in the food and beverage industries.

So is our solution:

Instead of 24K gold leaf, we offer an optimized alloy with 23K. By adding a minimal amount of copper and/or silver, the hardness of the material is slightly increased, reducing the cohesive forces. The result is high quality edible gold that is visually flawless and has excellent volume.

23K edible gold leaf and 23K edible gold flakes are easy to handle, so creating your own gold or silver delicacies is simple and rewarding. Get ready to amaze your guests and customers with edible gold leaf!

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  1. cosmetics says:

    This is a great post- so clear and easy to follow. and yes, I,m holding out for the sharks too -that really made me laugh!Thanks for the ton of tangible, attainable,attainable help.All your hard work is much appreciated.

    1. GoldGourmet Team says:

      Thank you! We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a comment! We are happy to hear that our posts are valuable to you! Kind Regards, Marcella from GoldGourmet

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