Real Edible Silver Flakes (E174)

Our edible Silver Flakes are bright and radiant like glittering snowflakes. These small Flakes are popular with professional and home chefs to easily create glamorous effects for appetizers, main courses and desserts.

A Special production process leads to ultra thin flakes with a greater output

We produce these edible flakes from silver leaf that went through a double beating process. A technique that creates an ultra-thin product. Your advantage: 1 jar with 1 gram of silver flakes from our production has a significantly higher output. Each silver leaf is thinner which results in a lighter flake. You get a lot more flakes with every jar and can decorate a much larger surface with only one gram of silver flakes. Furthermore, the ultra thin silver flakes melt in your mouth and you don’t have to worry that your guest will feel any strange crumbs while eating.

The little flakes are also very popular in the chocolate and spirits industry. They can be used not only to increase the value of liquors and sparkling wine, but also to create a brand recognition value that is guaranteed to be remembered by consumers.


What is the shelf life of Edible Silver Flakes?

We limit the shelf life of Edible Silver Flakes to 2 years from manufacture. Genuine silver can oxidize over time. We recommend storing the Edible Silver in a dry place in its original packaging when not in use.

What’s the best way to decorate with Edible Silver Flakes?

Depending on the look you want, or the type of culinary project, we recommend our Stainless Steel Shaker or our adjustable Glass Shaker for flakes and dust. Both make it simple and enjoyable to shower a little magic on your treats!

Shaker for flakes made of stainless steel

The Stainless Steel Shaker’s multi-hole top allows even flow over a large area – perfect for wedding and celebration cakes, or any large-volume decoration.

Glass shaker for flakes and dust

Our clear Glass Shaker for flakes and dust is ideal for decorating small or large quantities of hors d’oeuvre, chocolates, confections and cocktails. The adjustable top gives you control over how many or few flakes you dispense, quickly and easily.

Are all silver flakes edible?

You may see silver flakes sold for creative art or craft projects. Typically, these are not edible quality. Be sure to purchase edible quality silver flakes made with real silver (E-174) from a certified manufacturer. Gold Gourmet Edible Silver Flakes are produced according to strict standards, tested and certified!

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