Conflict-free precious metals

GoldGourmet conflict-free precious metals edible gold leaf

Our credo as a German manufacturer of edible gold leaf

To best protect people and our environment, GoldGourmet® uses only conflict-free precious metals: all precious metals used by Gold Gourmet for the production of edible gold leaf and silver leaf come from a verified conflict-free supply chain.

J. G. Eytzinger GmbH, which produces GoldGourmet, is the oldest German manufacturer of edible gold and silver leaf. As a company with humanitarian principles engaging with a global market, the origin of a product is as important to us as its quality. We track the entire supply chain, and reject materials from regions where armed conflicts, extreme violence and human rights violations are directly or indirectly financed, abetted or promoted. We source our precious metals from suppliers who are accredited with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and are registered refiners and manufacturers of Good Delivery bars.

In our commitment to offering you the safest, purest edible gold and silver leaf we carefully select precious metals without heavy metal contamination, and examine every new gold melt for our production of Gold Gourmet edible gold leaf and edible silver leaf with an X-ray fluorescence device. Only after a positive test result is the approved gold bar released for further processing.

All materials and supplies used during our manufacturing process of edible gold leaf food products are carefully tested and approved by an annual external audit according to the principles of the HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). We employ stringent internal controls to identify and avoid possible risks in connection with production, filling and packaging.

Our dedication to creating the finest ethically and safely produced edible gold leaf and silver leaf is unwavering, so you can enjoy Gold Gourmet products with pleasure and peace of mind.

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