Genuine Edible Silver Leaf Sheets (E174)

In addition to our fine gold leaf production, we offer tissue-thin edible silver leaf. Our expertise with beating gold enables us to also manufacture double-beaten silver leaf that is lustrous, light in color and flavorless, leaving no aftertaste. It dissolves quickly in the mouth, leaving only beautiful memories of an exceptional dining experience.

Silver Leaf in India

Pure silver leaf has a long tradition in Indian culture; called vark, or varak, it was found on a wide variety of sweets and foods. It is likely that it’s outstanding visual appearance and antibacterial properties played an important role when it came to presenting and preserving silver-plated specialties on Indian markets and in street restaurants.


What is the shelf life of GoldGourmet Edible Silver Sheets?

We limit the shelf life of GoldGourmet Edible Silver to 2 years from manufacture. Genuine silver can oxidize over time. We recommend storing the Edible Silver in a dry place, in its original packaging when not in use.

How do I decorate with GoldGourmet Edible Silver Leaf Sheets?

We recommend our Large Special Brush, our Offset Tongs, or perhaps a sharp kitchen knife for our Loose Edible Silver Leaves. Transfer Edible Silver may be cut with scissors as well. Working with this distinctive leaf is lots of fun!

Please see our videos demonstrating decoration of food with Loose and Transfer Edible Gold – these same techniques and tools can be applied to Edible Silver!


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Tearing off gold leaf pieces with tongs for gold leaf curved
Lime is dipped in gold leaf that floats on water surface

What is the difference between Silver Leaf Loose and Transfer?

Loose Silver Sheets: silver leaf sheets are cut into squares, then inserted between booklets with extra thin paper pages.  The silver leaf sheets can be easily lifted and handled with our large special brush.

Transfer Silver Sheets: once the silver leaves are cut into squares and inserted into the booklet interleaved with tissue squares, we apply pressure to adhere the silver leaves to the tissue. You can lift each silver leaf with its backing tissue from the booklet and place it silver side down onto your food surface. Then press gently on the paper to help the silver release and stick to food surfaces.

Booklet with 8x8 cm edible silver leaf sheets loose


Booklet with 8x8 cm edible silver leaf sheets transfer


What are some of the most popular uses of Edible Silver Leaf?

The nearly white, bright radiance of Edible Silver Leaf lends itself particularly well to a wedding cake, birthday cake and other celebration cakes as well as in beverages! With a look that honors traditional culinary history and reflects a contemporary vibe, Edible Silver Leaf enjoys a special and unique fascination with partygoers.

Is all Silver Leaf edible?

You may see silver leaf sold for creative art or craft projects. Typically, these are not edible quality. Be sure to purchase edible quality silver leaf made with real silver (E-174) from a certified food manufacturer. GoldGourmet Edible Silver Leaf is produced according to strict standards, tested and certified!

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