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What is edible Gold - FAQs

What is the use of edible gold leaf in food and drink?

Gold has been used for millenia as decoration in many forms: jewelry, royal, religious and civic architecture, furnishings and fine art. It has a long and illustrious history as culinary ornament as well. Signifying good luck, prosperity and wealth, it has provided a special glow to wedding feasts, festivals and even temple offerings. In fourteenth-century Europe, aristocratic feasts were know to feature gold leaf covered swans and peacocks. Today perhaps our gastronomic tastes are somewhat tamer, but gold leaf continues as an unexcelled and delightful "garnish" for festive tables.

What makes gold leaf edible?

J.G. Eytzinger Gmbh's entire family of Gold leaf products, including GoldGourmet, pass strict quality control standards. Our 145+ year history of traditional goldbeating is updated to include state-of-the-art facilities and careful inspection by our experienced staff. GoldGourmet undergoes further scrutiny in order to pass LGA health and safety standards, as well as being halal and kosher certified.

What other types of gold leaf or metal leaf work for edible food decoration?

Only GoldGourmet edible gold leaf is recommended for food use, and has been tested to prove its efficacy, its purity and its hygienic packaging. Metal Leaf is an alloy of non-precious metals and contains known allergens; it is intended only for art and craft projects.

In what forms are edible gold and silver available?

We offer something for everyone to create inspired and imaginative effects: we have Gold Leaf in two sizes, Silver leaf, Shabin in fluffy irregular pieces of Leaf, Flakes which are small and delicate, and even Dust, including an air-brush quality.

You have several edible gold product lines, how do I know which is right for us?

We've developed four lines each designed for specific users. The Delicatessen line offers a panoply of beautiful gold products for retail shops. The Professional line carries special Gold Leaf products and tools for the commercial kitchen. Our Trade Line offers Gold in volume for manufacturers of luxury comestibles and specialty beverages. Our Corporate Line features distinctive Gold leaf ideas for gift-giving, special events and promotions.

Do Goldourmet gold leaf and silver leaf leave a taste after being eaten?

No aftertaste will remain on the palate after enjoying this truly special GoldGourmet experience. Our gold leaf and silver leaf are beaten to a thinness that makes them disintegrate once they are eaten.

Edible Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf are so luxurious, are they cost-effective?

Edible gold is beaten to a thinness of 0.000125 mm thinness, and silver leaf is beaten to 0.00025 mm, so you are using the smallest possible amount to decorate. Even with this thinness our beating process still allows for a lustrous, fine material that shines beautifully when applied to a variety of culinary delights. A modest amount of Gold or Silver leaf produces dramatic results that your customers will love.

How does edible gold stick to foods?

Gold and Silver Leaf, Flakes and Dust readily adhere to many surfaces containing natural sugars, oils, cream or fats. Our fan brush will help to apply most products, and our stainless steel Shakers provide economical portion control.

What is the shelf life of GoldGourmet products?

GoldGourmet products have a specified "use before" date on their labeling: gold leaf products should be used within 6 years, silver leaf products within 2 years of manufacture.