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Shabin - 23 kt - 5 Gramm

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Genuine Gold 23 carats

One product from the gold-beating tradition has asserted its accustomed position for generations in the most renowned factories for assorted chocolates and when it comes to making the world-famous Danziger Goldwasser as well as a number of other fine liqueurs to which edible gold is added.

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*Edible 23 kt Gold Leaf is available in different forms, known as food coloring agent E175, as designated by the European Commission (EC). Edible Silver Leaf is known as E174. Both are designated as limited additives for chocolates. There are no restrictions in Europe regarding the permissible daily allowance of these products, however they are not intended for daily consumption. Both products should be used as selective decoration, and for occasional use. Edible gold leaf Flakes and Dusts are also offered in certain countries with specific exemptions for use in sparkling wines, liquors and other alcoholic beverages.

We recommend that interested parties refer to individual countries’ particular legislation regarding the use of these products where they will be offered.